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Me, Too?

I was standing on the sidewalk outside my apartment building, impatiently waiting for my dog to go pee. Just under four months old and maybe seven pounds, Benny was scared of the outdoors. At nine p.m., the neighborhood was dark and filled with terrors—like windblown McDonald’s wrappers and planes flying overhead. Getting Benny from the … Continue reading Me, Too?

On Anxiety & Emotional Support Animals

Here’s everything I’ve tried over the past few years to manage my anxiety and panic attacks: Breathing exercises. Yoga. Praying. Meditation. Running. Marijuana/CBD. Xanax. Antidepressants. Diet changes. No alcohol. Sleep. Fidget cubes. Thyroid tests. A new job. New roommates. Red wine. Magnesium. Stress gummies. Writing. Coloring. Mental health days. Tea instead of coffee. Aromatherapy. Deep … Continue reading On Anxiety & Emotional Support Animals

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